Monday, November 14, 2016

November Fab Furniture Flippin Contest - "Colour Your World" Velvet Finishes Sponsored Post

Drum roll please... the moment that you have all been waiting for! The sneak peeks are over and the final product is here. The final product is my entry into November's Fab Furniture Flippin Contest. This contest was sponsored by Velvet Finishes, in which I received free product for my contest entry! Thus, this post is sponsored by Velvet Finishes.

When I got the confirmation that I was chosen for a slot in November's Fab Furniture Flippin Contest I was so thrilled! A friend turned me on to the contest because of my passion for style and design, specifically, furniture flipping. If you have never heard the term furniture flipping, it basically refers to taking a piece of furniture and giving it new life! I have taken raw pieces of furniture, broken pieces of furniture, and even antique furniture and made it my own!

This months contest is sponsored by Velvet Finishes (

I absolutely love this line of products! I had heard of Velvet Finishes but not yet used their products. Because the contest is sponsored by Velvet Finishes, they supplied the products for my piece. I received a bottle of Ready, which is essentially a primer for your piece. It was so easy! Just spray and wipe.

I chose the Velvet Finishes paint color Stately for this piece because I thought it would make a bold statement. The color is so rich and glamorous! If I was going to "Colour my World," I was going to do so boldly! The creator of the line, Kellie, jokes that you can just "slap it on" and I proved that theory to be true. This had to be the easiest paint I have ever used. The finish is true to the name because it dried velvety smooth without thick spots and without my brush strokes showing. 

I allowed the first coat to dry for 30 minutes before applying a second coat. I was outside working on the piece and it was windy so it sped things up a bit. Another note, the 32 oz jar of paint goes a long way! I painted the entire dresser with less than half of the jar of paint. 

Once the piece was dry I used Velvet Finishes paint color Eloquent to paint over the feather stencil that I found at Hobby Lobby. I like this color because it is a very light shade of the color used on the base of the dresser. 

Finally, I added hardware that I also found at Hobby Lobby. Since the theme of this month's contest is "Colour Your World," I wanted to add a little extra pop of color. I chose bright, fun knobs for the two bottom drawers and knobs with a subtle design, yet still with the same color within the design for the top draw. 

Thank you to our host of the contest:
Fern Avenue

Sweet Tea Refinishing

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Sponsored by Velvet Finishes


  1. What a beautiful makeover. And you are so right, the color gave the dresser such glamour.

  2. What a fun, gorgeous piece of furniture. I love the color you selected, and the stencil on just the one drawer is perfection. Great makeover! Cynthia

  3. What a great piece, love the color, feathers and the mismatched hardware lends a perfect touch, nice job Cynthia!